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Application of

Wherever decontaminated air or water is required in the industrial process ionization will provide a germfree media without the application of chemicals. The use of chemicals or biocides is no more required resulting in a operational cost saving.

Process water can be recycled and re-used reducing the total consumption of water thus reducing operating cost. Waste water can be dispersed into the environment due to its reduction in COD after ionization reducing the need of expensive waste water treatment facilities.

Due to the non corrosive nature ionized air and water will maintain expensive equipment (pasteurizers) and reduce down time in the production process due to maintenance. Low operating cost of the ionizer will reduce overall energy consumption of your process in comparison to other decontamination equipment.

Due to the nature of the active ions no blind spots are created thus insuring that the total environment of air or water is maintained germ free. Recontamination of processed equipment or products due to outside influences is reduced considerably.

The positive effect of ions on the human being and their immune system will increase the productivity of your staff and reduce the total number of lost days due to illnesses of staff.

Ionized air will maintain wet rooms and process rooms preventing the build-up of fungus and mould. Redecorating and refurbishing of production rooms can be extended to longer cycles.

Main areas of application in different Industries:
Beverage and Brewery Industry
Sterilization of bottle washing machines
Sterilization of bottle filling machines
Sterilization of pastures
Sterilization of bottling caps
Sterilization of bottles Air
sterilization in process storerooms
Sterilization of barrel and tray washers

Food Processing Industry
Food washers and Retort cookers
Air sterilization in process and packaging rooms
Filling and capping lines
Canning machines

Slaughter Companies
Sterilization of process water
Sterilization of

Leather industry

Other Industries
, which needs a sterile air or water in the own production process or in the quality control division

√ Beverage Industry (e.g.Breweries)
√ Food Processing
√ Factories