Airlife and Waterlife, Technology from Germany

Application of

By injecting charged oxygen ions into the air-channels of the air condition and ventilation system, our technology will eliminate bacteria and viruses in the air and the fungus and odor in the rooms. It also helps to prevent the Sick Building Syndrome. Thus you will achieve improved working and living conditions.

The decontamination of circulation water in cooling towers and humidifiers of central air conditions is another keystone of using Ionization technology.

The injection of oxygen ions into the water will eliminate the biofilm in the pipes and avoid its regeneration. It will also prevent any outlet against Legionella pneumophila, gram-negative bacteria and viruses and other harmful germs.
So the technology does not only produce drinking water up to European Standard but works beneficial for the health and well-being of people staying in the building that it is applied in. The main areas of application for the use of oxygen ions are:

√ Hotels
√ Hospitals
√ Office Buildings