Airlife and Waterlife, Technology from Germany

Application of

The application of oxygen ions produced by the AIRLIFE & WATERLIFE systems in decontamination of air and water is based on the natural process of self purification.

So the Ionization technology is able to support the environment in eliminating harmful substances and pollution.

As a result watercourses like ponds and small lakes can be kept clean. Applying the Ionization Technology in the production process in aquaculture, buildings etc. reduces the pollution of air and water thus contributing to the conservation of the environment.

During this process of purification no generation of chemical or antibiotic resistances of bacteria and viruses against oxygen ions occurs.
Another important factor is that the generation of toxic disinfection by-products - as they are for instance produced in disinfection with chlorine - is prevented.

Main areas of application:

√ Decontamination of biologically pre-treated waste water and its reuse
√  Sterilisation of exhaust air by eliminating bacteria, odor and organic substances