Airlife and Waterlife, Technology from Germany


Technologie des Ionisationsprozesses

The main objective was to develop a system of water and air treatment, which would be analogous to the processes taking place in nature. We have succeeded to imitate the natural processes with minimum power consumption. By charging oxygen molecules contained in the air, positively and negatively charged oxygen ions are created. The charged oxygen ions possess the ability to quickly discharge their charge on contact with oxidizable partners in air and water like bacteria and viruses.

As may be seen in the following diagram, WATERLIFE/AIRLIFE Systems operating area is restricted to a relatively small section of chemical reaction. The essence of our development consisted in looking for and identifying the way to utilize such a small section based on a higher oxidizing potential of the active oxygen ions for natural oxidation.

Transformation of the active oxygen ions to only ozone actually takes place very quickly in the presence of high amounts of energy. Since the degrading effects by ozone action are substantially lower than by ionization, we have succeeded with the generation of pure oxygen ions with the development of a new ionization module in the WATERLIFE plant, eliminating the undesirable course of reaction toward ozone.

Even the smallest amount of ozone produced means a loss of actively produced oxygen ions. The oxygen content available in the ambient air has to be utilized to its maximum to produce oxygen ions in order to achieve an optimal oxidation reaction. This has been achieved by applying different technical parameters as there are voltage and power. Thereby hydrocarbons and similar chemical connections are oxidized fast and effectively. Bacteria skins are split and destroyed by the high oxidation potential of the charged oxygen ions. Solved humine substances belonging to the difficult degradable substances in drinking water are also attacked. We are achieving good results.

In contrast to the ozone production, we need for oxygen ion production substantially less energy. The total energy needed is approx. 0.6 Watts per liter of moderately contaminated water. The specific application of positive and negative oxygen ions can also influence the degradation of other substances which are otherwise difficult to oxidize.

Hydrocarbon molecules (CH molecules), when being oxidized with oxygen (O2-ions), form carbon dioxide ( CO2) and water ( H2O); a process called by chemists as cold burning.

The newly developed ionization process applied by WATERLIFE/AIRLIFE systems has achieved an extremely high level of oxidizing intensity. With the use of our process we achieve a germ free and odor free air and water.

The WATERLIFE/AIRLIFE system is environmentally friendly as no chemical additives are used. At the same time oxygen ions can be dispersed into the environment without hesitation. The positive effect of charged air ions into the environment is described in specialized literature.

The WATERLIFE/AIRLIFE System has been classified by the Physical-chemical faculty of the University of Bremen and the institute for air hygiene (ILH) in Berlin as a futuristic technology and an indispensable part in the area of environmental technology.