Airlife and Waterlife, Technology from Germany


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  • Das WATERLIFE -/ AIRLIFE - System arbeitet auf Basis eines natürlichen Prozesses
  • Natürliche Oxydation ohne chemische Zusätze
    • no waste disposal
    • nonpolluting
  • Quick and effective odor reduction and decontamination
  • Oxygen ions can be dispersed into the environment
  • Positive effect of changed oxygen ions on the environment and human beeings
    • environmentally friendly
  • The immune system will be strengthened, improving the resistence against illnesses
  • Systems are versatile and extendable by modular construction
    • Simple upgrading into existing systems is possible
  • Low operational costs and low energy consumption
  • Production of ions outside the medium to be treated
    • exact control of ion production
    • Extended lifespan of ionizer due to low wear and tear
    • easy and quick installation
    • simple and quick removal of the ionizer during maintenance
    • the ionizer can be protected against dust contamination with the installation of a F5 or F7 filter
  • Injection of the oxygen ions into the medium which shoud be stenilized
  • Immediate reaction of ions with substances which can be oxidized
  • Air ducts and pipe systems will be decontaminated and kept germ free by the charged oxygen ions
  • Warranty of elimination and prevention against regeneration of biofilms
  • The system works with high reliability, high operating safety and long service intervals