Airlife and Waterlife, Technology from Germany

Certificates & Reports

The efficiency of the oxygen ions produced by the AIRLIFE & WATERLIFE System of Monarch to eliminate bacteria, virus, fungus, smell and bio-film has been proven by several institutes, universities, laboratories and industrial applications in Europe and Thailand.

WATER- and AIRLIFE - systems for water and air sterilization are proven by the physical chemical department of the University of Bremen and the Hermann Rietschel Institute Berlin as a trend-setting technology and as an indispensable component in the sector of future environmental technology.

WATERLIFE System development is based on a many-year long Research & Development - supported by the European Union, performed in a close collaboration with the University of Bremen, throughout which more than 4,000 experiments and analyses had been done.

The physical harmlessness in the decontamination of air humidifiers and cooling towers has been tested by the institute of air hygiene in Berlin and by the physical-chemical faculty of the university of Bremen.

Following, a selection of certificates and reports: